A downloadable game

Best played with a PS4 Controller!
(Press 'P' to play in Keyboard Mode.)

Fly around as a FPV quadcopter, collect coins by flying through them or by shooting them.


This is merely an experimental project made in a couple of weeks with Unity as part of a course! This is the first time we used Unity (version 5.5.1) and uploaded anything to itch.io. Neither of us plan to maintain and improve this product.

Disclaimer: We don't make any money from this product, and yes, we've used several songs the originate from other games or movies. Check below for sources.

* * * Controls * * *

(Controls and sensitivity cannot be altered)

Left analog stick Up / R2 - Fly up
Left analog stick Left / Right - Look Left / Right
Right analog stick Up - Tilt Forward
Right analog stick Left / Right - Tilt Left / Right
Right analog stick Down - Tilt Backwards
L1 / R1 - Fire
System Menu Button - Open Menu
X Button - Switch To Keyboard

W - Fly up
A / D - Look Left / Right
Arrow Up - Tilt Forward
Arrow Left / Right - Tilt Left / Right
Arrow Down - Tilt Backwards
Spacebar - Fire
Esc - Open Menu
P - Switch To PS4 Controller

Select options from the menu.

* * * Sources * * *
Models in game: Unity asset store.

- Introduction video: Top Gun Theme
- Main Menu: Twister - Oklahoma - Wheatfield
- Game Song: Donkey Kong Country 2 - Bramble Blast
- In game, coins and firing: Mario sound effects
- Game Over: Undertale - Determination

Install instructions

Download the zip-file (size of 203MB, 427MB needed) and unzip it.

Open the game by launching the .exe-file called 'flightEpic'.


Drone Flight Simulator.zip 198 MB


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Is not bad! congrats